Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Class Variant: The Gambler

Had a batch of new players tonight, mostly friends from school. Earlier in the day I told them to consider what kind of character they would like to play. One responded, "Is gambler an option" so of course I spent the rest of the work day making this when I was free.


The GAMBLER is a mystery. The GAMBLER is a menace. The GAMBLER is loving friend. The GAMBLER exists beyond space and time. The GAMBLER is from a higher dimension. The GAMBLER is in all of us.

Everybody loves a GAMBLER. Your CHArisma is your most important stat. High DEX might be useful too. CON helps you stay alive.

A GAMBLER is mechanically identical to a rogue, for skills, saves, and base attack bonus. However, instead of being able to sneak attack, you may ROLL THE BONES as many times per day as your CHA bonus.

Each GAMBLER has a pair of lucky dice. Other dice they find in their travels may have other properties, but the base set is listed below. To ROLL THE BONES, the GAMBLER simply rolls his or her lucky dice.

All effects last a number of rounds equal to the GAMBLER’s CHA score (not just bonus) unless stated otherwise. If you roll doubles you may choose the “*” effect.

All other stats, check ROGUE.

2 - SNAKE EYES. Your eyes turn into two snakes that come out of your head. They attack whoever you say but you’re blind until they’re gone. They have poison attacks and can move separately up to 30’ a round.

3 - Third Eye. You gain darkvision/see invisibility up to 60’.

4 - Quadruped. You grow extra legs like a centaur. You can run twice as fast for the duration, then they fall off.
*Instead you can choose 2 targets a round. They swap places.

5 - Fever Five. Someone you choose gets the rage virus/hulks out. +4 STR, CON and HP/level. -2 to saves and AC. Will save (your CHA) each round to avoid attacking the nearest being.

6 - Naptime. Up to 6HD of creatures do to sleep.
*Instead the can obey your orders for the duration. They get a Will save (your CHA) to resist anything self-destructive.

7 - Seven Out. Next attack you make is a death attack. Anything 1 or 2HD is killed outright, if above you gain a damage multiplier equal to CHA bonus.

8 - Allies regain 8 hp. You can wait to use this indefinitely.
*Also cures paralysis, petrification,

9 - Your dice shine brightly. In the light allies get a bonus to saves OR enemies get a minus to saves equal to your CHA bonus.

10 - Summon 1d10 dice-colored lizardmen.
*The Dos Equis guy appears and does you a favor instead.

11 - You or another player can reroll any roll. Stays active until you use it.

12 - BOXCARS. Up to six targets you choose turn into train cars, like a fucked up Thomas the Tank Engine. They gain a charge attack but otherwise can’t really move or use objects. Their stuff is stashed inside until it wears off.

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  1. Man I bet the Dos Equis guy is just sort of good at everything. I wonder what favors he could do?