Tuesday, December 1, 2015

a visual guide to the lair of the lambent prince

From the Search & Replace Dungeon. Tuskmen from Goblin Punch

The sound of the Jack in the Box Sarcophagus is audible throughout if PCs enter through the north entrance. The ceilings are six feet high.

Check for wandering monsters every 3 game minutes or whenever PCs make a lot of noise, roll d10:

1-2 d6 Carrion grubs

3-4 d4 Tuskmen (with keys to red locks)

5 An oversize caterpie looking to kill PCs and steal their shoes

6-10 Nothing


1 Stairs to surface/next level

2  Principessa mezzanote - It is a foot tall & eerily beautiful. It is harmless. If unmolested, it will continue to roam the halls.

3 Fragments of a dazzling iron mosaic, very damaged, are here--a landscape with only a pair of white legs ending in hooves are visible so far.

Pieces of the mosaic can be found throughout the dungeon, and will fuse to the wall if placed on the mosaic.

The true form of the mosaic is of King Ehl on a horse--and assembling it will create a work of art worth PC level x 1000gp, however it is possible to construct false forms by accident or design.

Existing mosaic+humanoid upper body = a demon. The Cheshire ghast in 76 will begin calling anyone present to it. Save vs spell.

Existing mosaic+missing front horse legs+human upper body = centaur. Each round, violent madness will be inflicted on whichever party member rolls the lowest on a d20 until they leave the room.

Missing pieces are in rooms 19, 87, 50

4 This gemlin is intelligent & can speak but does not show it because it fears sneezing out its esophagus. It seeks the Crystal Caganer in room 21

5 Dead Tuskman

6 Monster in 7 can be heard from here

7 Heliosphinx It is too large to leave the room. Drinks from well

8 Three Tuskmen looking for Drottning Birch

9 Echoing corridor

10 Statue of Alban --vandalized. d6 dead Tuskmen with a Dire Chipmunk here dead in the center of the triangle, apparently dragged from 25. The triangle will slowly devour them over the course of an hour, at which point the statue will come to life and seek out the Cheshire ghast in room 75.

11 Nachtfuchs inside a Jack in the Box Sarcophagus

12 Nonfunctional Jack in the Box Sarcophagus

13 Junk everywhere, vial of ink

14 As soon as the PCs enter this room the flickering halo that narrates their every action will activate.
A wizard will recognize the effect as a product of a special curse that can be removed on the request of a specific living master (the Craniac)

15 Kitchen. Pots, pans, the usual. There is a brick oven & a small pantry closet. A halfling could fit in it.

16 This room is full of ribcages that the Craniac has collected.

The columns here look weak and can be destroyed with 30 pts of damage. The ceiling will cave in.

17 2 identical statues. One made of iron one made of quicksilver

18 There is a dulcimer here worth 2500gp. Playing it for the first time will cause monster in room 7 to break out and crash through the rooms, collapsing the ceilings until it gets to the player.

19 Library. Full of dormant Ophanim

-humanoid upper body mosaic pieces from the mosaic in room 3

20 Hall. 11 small portrait paintings. One of each of Heliosphinx's sisters. They
are worth d20 x 100gp to collectors with unusual tastes

21 Paladin of Alban fighting Tuskman wizard in desperate battle

Crystal Caganer. Worth 600gp.

22 Empty cells.

23 Old dining room. Three paintings here: each eight feet wide, worth 2000 gp each.

24 WC

25 Dying Priest of Alban, just finished pulling foes to room 10

 Craniac. It is disguised as a regular chipmunk and will observe the PCs.

26 The Marraskilo is here--it does not speak & obeys the Craniac. the Marraskilo has (as always) hidden a key to room 67 in the bas-relief frieze

27 There is a cursed blood elf mask. Any creature inspecting it will be afflicted by a desire to gouge out an eye for 1d4 rounds.

28 Channel of bleach from south ends in a pool here

29 Channel down center of hallway filled with bleach, an acorn is floating in it

30 Empty

31-Secret door activated by mechanism in room 85

32-Secret door activated by mechanism in room 85

33 Pool of bleach

34 Dead Blood Elf carrying diary, contains biographical details of Lambent Prince including his spawn location

35  Red crystal formation. Anything red that touches it will begin to vibrate unnaturally--the object will then reflect magic for one hour and then explode.

36 Walking into this room lowers steel bars where the red X's are and releases monster in 37.

37 Fu Oathbreaker in cage.

38 Lambent Prince's bedroom. If Lambent Prince is not in this room the (ordinary) doors will be locked.  Secret door: behind a mirror--a thin crack will be visible. Room contains a make-up table (no mirror, of course), a canopy bed hung with velvet, (d12 x 100) gp worth of other trinkets. The bed, painting, Lambent Prince 's wardrobe, & the table are each worth (d12 x 100) gp. There is a canopic jar with a sympathetically vibrating organ trap under the bed containing 600 gp & locket with a small painting of Lambent Prince

39  Switch raises and lowers bars in rms 36-38

40 Child's bedroom. Belongs to Lambent Prince's daughter. Her remaining toys ( Etch-a-Sketch ) are here.

41 invisible ink spritzer activated by door

42 Stone walls carved into the shape of a Troll Knight

43 a samurai orc

44 Lambent ogress in cage. Sibling of Lambent Prince gone mad long ago. She may aid the PCs if they convince her they can help her escape the dungeon. She hates the Lambent Prince & will make any deal to be reunited with him, but again, will turn on anyone aware of her existence immediately afterward.

45 Anything made of iron placed on the altar will be transformed into quicksilver.
Any fire in the circle or crossing it will be transformed into magnetism

46 Texts sacred to religion of Alban

47 Puzzle room: archivist, undertaker and clerk are sacred to this religion. A magic mask asks 3 questions only members of those professions, respectively, would know. Wrong answers = Power Word: Mumble and it emits a baby's wail

48 Statue of a creature of fire. An Archpriest of Alban is here. (PC level x 1000 gp worth of gold flake on statue.)

49 Murals depicting King Ehl and betrayal by Heimstein

50 Tombs. d6 Priests of Alban

Fragment of mosaic in room 3 showing horse head and humanoid lower body in a saddle.

51 Tombs. Vial: Substance repels plant creatures

52 Tomb of King Ehl

53 Mouldering skeleton of Heimstein, with Witherbloom

54 d6 samurai orcs guarding sacrifice chamber. They have keys to the cage in room 55.

55 invisible ink spritzer

Apparently a Cloud Beast in a cage. Is actually a Jormund spy. It is looking for the gemlin because it betrayed her.

56 Prayer room, distinctive to Alban

57 Prayer room, distinctive to Alban

58 2 dead samurai orcs

59 2 dead samurai orcs --one muttering "The Blood Elf , the Blood Elf " shattered manacles on the floor.

60 2 samurai orcs  guarding the entrance to room 61

61 Exothermic Orb being examined by 3 samurai orcs

Room is full of Noctagons

62 Oversize caterpie. A pile of its eggs obscure the door to the north. Two dormant Ophanim containing the location of Lambent Prince's spawn site are hidden under the pile.

63 Full of shoes collected by a oversize caterpie

64 Well, rusty water.

Dead adventurers. Burned spellbook. Partially accurate formula for Permanent Grease remains. Failed int check indicates Permanent Diarrhea

65 Door to north opens easily, door to east seems old and stuck.

66 Myconid Blossom room.  The Marraskilo throws organic waste into this room. The Myconid Blossom covers the entire room, including the wall, obscuring the locked, unpickable secret door there.

67 - Tooth and Nail Druid. It knows all about the Craniac, which is why the Craniac has had
the Marraskilo wall it up in a secret chamber. Craniac keeps it alive to study its biomagnetism

68 Murals, int check to read, glyphs and pictograms seem to refer to quicksilver and magnetism

69- Empty or stairs to surface/next level

70 Quiet room.

71 Prison Contains d10+10 victims of Lambent Prince. A variety of sentient species
are represented as well as a few celebrated & high-level missing persons.

72 Door is large, impressive and locked. Picking is at half chance.

73 Throne room of King/Queen of Basti . Long dead Basti

74  Fulgarites guarded by zapping Bell Jar

75 Cheshire ghast. It has been trapped here by a mystic seal on the secret door by the Craniac and seeks revenge.

76 Clearly a room once built by the Basti culture.

77 Contains various instruments of Magnetology

78 Disused Magnetology room. Lambent Prince was having experiments conducted until capture of Drottning Birch made them unnecessary.

Blood Elf assassin seeking Drottning Birch

79 Disused Magnetology room d4 Carrion grubs

80 Disused Magnetology room. Blood, remains of Carrion grubs

81 d8 Carrion grubs

82 Statue of Alban

83 d10 samurai orcs plus Double Decker Golem

84 Lambent Prince, d4 steel satyrs, anti-ferrous barrier experimenting with magnetism. Huge dead Cloud Beast conceals secret door.

85 Cage containing mechanical model of world, rotating the current location into position under the lens opens secret door in room 31, rotating them onto Lambent Prince's spawn site opens secret door in room 32

86  Pool of bleach

87 Drottning Birch just escaped, hiding from the assassin in room 78.

-missing front horse legs from mosaic in room 3

88 Walls carved with scenes dedicated to Alban depicting members of the following professions: archivist undertaker clerk--all kneeling

Careful inspection reveals that carving is not wholly original and the figures have been repurposed. There is a monster with a huge mouth where the secret door to 73-76 is.