Friday, February 12, 2016

Revenant Hexes

EDIT: everyone's favorite Oscar-winning miserycrawl is now automated


01-06 Snowy pine woods
07-10 A mountain path blocked by snow
11-14 A steep, winding mountain path
15-19 Woods flooded ankle deep
20-24 Swathe of tree stumps
25-32 Green woods
33-36 Leaf-filled ravine in green woods
37-44 Frozen flood plain, deep snow
45-48 Bare mountainside, silent
49-52 Leafless bushes on edge of plain
53-56 Cliffs; rapids far below
57-60 Wide river, rapids
61-64 Wide river, shallow ford, floating ice
65-68 Narrow but rapid river
69-72 Creek with steep clay banks
73-75 Dead bodies among empty hovels
76-78 Charred ruins of village
79-80 Burned village, still smoking
81-81 Burning boat
82-83 Run-down cabin
84-84 Roofless ruined church, trees growing inside
85-86 Sparse copse, a lean-to, still steaming
87-91 Winding game trail through boulders
92-94 Solitary tree on a hilltop
95-96 Pyramid of stacked animal skulls
97-98 Crude weir in shallows of river
99-00 Remains of a fire in lee of boulder


01-14 Wispy pastel clouds, clear
15-29 Dense clouds, light snow
30-44 Distant thunder, thin clouds
45-54 Driving sleet
55-64 Silent fluffy snow, blankets
65-74 Clear skies, sun or stars, extra cold
75-84 Extreme wind
85-94 Warm sun, meltwater
95-00 Light rain, mild temperature


01-19 Ambient noises
20-39 Eerie silence
40-44 d3 moose
45-46 Dead horse and rider filled with arrows
47-49 Single dog, barking
50-53 Herd of buffalo grazing
54-55 Herd of buffalo stampeding
56-58 Herd of buffalo with additional encounter
59-59 Herd of dead, skinned buffalo
60-61 2d10 tame pigs running free, owner’s corpse nearby
62-63 Solitary bear
64-65 Bear with d4 cubs
66-70 d12 wolves
71-72 Hunting party (2d12) watching silently
73-74 Two riders: one alive, one dead
75-76 A bitter ex-soldier looking for the good life
77-78 A mutilated explorer, left for dead
79-80 Lone survivor looking for kin
81-82 Old woman, her food taken
83-84 Starving man scrounging for marrow from bones
85-88 Hanged body with arbitrary warning on neck
87-90 2d12 trappers driven far off course
91-94 2d12 trappers hiding slaves
95-97 2d20 horseback archers watching silently
98-00 2d20 horseback archers attacking (roll again)

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