Saturday, September 23, 2017

my god! there's something in the ice!

give me a hand! I think we can get it out…

1 - some fleshy plasm reaching out of a metal barrel (as gibbering mouther)
2 - a dead girl, perfectly preserved (got lost in the cold and died. Her family will be looking for someone to blame)
3 - a sinuous insectile worm (rhemoraz)
4 - ancient man (weeps for a life he will never see again, never gets references. If things get violent he is some kind of super soldier and only primitive weapons work on him)
5 - a body with withered but still green leaves in its mouth (ancient fern, releases sand sized seeds if disturbed. Anyone breathing them saves vs poison or grows own fertile sprouts from mouth & eyes, suffocates)
6 - something big and hairy with too-big teeth (a saber tooth or giant warthog)
7 - something big and metallic (sealed submersible or starship. Crew dead from starvation. Journals & advanced/anachronistic weapons)
8 - mummified eunuch (animates of course)

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