Tuesday, May 5, 2015

gimmicky wind waker dungeon generator

The location of the dungeon will affect what sorts of architecture and setting the dungeon has, and will flavor the inhabitants.
Roll d8:
1- Treetop Forest
2- Murky Forest/Swamp
3- Cold Tundra/Glacier
4- Cool Water
5- Sandy
6- Lava
7- Dusty/Crystal Caves
8- Roll twice/pick

File:Dragon Roost Cavern Mural.png

Mechanisms These are the gimmicky methods of solving puzzles or unlocking more of the temple dungeon.
Roll d10:
1- Wind
2- Cogs
3- Fluid
4- Light
5- Sound
6- Heat
7- Energy Circuits
8- Magnets
9- Weights
10- Roll twice

Enemy type (d12):
1- Shambling Dead
2- Imps
3- Cats
4- Lizards
5- Elementals/Golems
6- Slime Balls
7- Birds/Bats
8- Summoners (roll again for their conjurations)
9- Armored Knights
10- Roll again; 1-2 humanoid 3-4 mutant 5-6 skeletal versions
11- Roll on ally table; dark version
12- Roll twice, two groups combined

Ally type (d12):
1- Stereotypically Gay Pirates
2- Ghosts
3- Local NPC (Farmer etc)
4- Bats
5- An old enemy NPC
6- Useless Fairy
7- Single Mysterious Denizen
8- Monkeys
9- Benign Flora
10- Gentle Giant
11- Roll on enemy table; they are good here
12- Roll twice

Boss (d12):
1- Octopus
2- Flying Serpent Dragon
3- Master Swordsman
4- One-Eyed Moth/Flower
5- Siege Roc
6- Giant Centipede
7- Floaty Skull/Hands
8- Conglomerated Spirits/Possessed Lantern
9- Shai Hulud
10- Monstrous Marionette
11- Warboar-riding King
12- Giant version of 1-4 enemies 5-6 allies

Tactics (roll d6):
1- Hit and run melee
2- Projectile strafing
3- Stationary with area effect attacks
4- Unconventional dodging (fly, dematerialize, teleport)
5- No attacks, just patterned movement through environmental hazards
6- Fill in the blank

Gimmick to defeat (roll d6)
1- Dead man’s volley (i.e. fireballs, rocks)
2- Hit specific spot (large eye, exposed heart, etc)
3- Dodge specific attack (charges into wall, smacks self)
4- Use appropriate damage type when opportune (cut strings, burn fur)
5- Destroy other thing to weaken (smash eggs/machinery/phylactery; kill young)
6- Make up something else, ya nerd

Unfortunately there isn’t a quick and dirty way to make Zeldesque traps and puzzles, which are the real reason you would want a dungeon like this. One could go through every temple and strip mine their puzzles, removing specifics - but I’m a doctor Jim, not a miracle worker.

Check G+ for an example roll

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