Sunday, February 8, 2015

death nor taxes

So in a world where magic breaks the rules one could potentially get to be v v wealthy by wielding it. Conjuring gold, sending elementals to rob vaults, magically binding contracts with unsuspecting workers - whatever. Through some means there are a number of RICH LICHES in the world.

What are they like? Well they are just like certain rich people but with a little different resources. They still wrestle with things they cannot control. They still hunger for more. They still scrabble to hold both security and purpose in their deathless hands.

-She wears a new wig each day. It is continually touched up (along with her thick makeup) by a fluttering choir of cupid-homunculi. She is a sucker for flattery
-He conducts business in a floating obsidian orb-carriage, from which an artificial voice issues. He has not been seen in person by anyone for a hundred years. He had a wife but the ritual didn't take
-He knows all the latest gossip and news and the retinue of mesmerized sycophants laugh at all his witty observations. He wants you among them. He is unpleasant
-He sits among his snowglobes, watching microcosms of his own history. He is researching time travel. He keeps a stiff upper lip about the whole affair though lest the proletariats notice
-She has a coven of half-fiends bound to their desks in cold iron chains. Scrolls appear in front of them and they have unlimited papers and quills. They manage her investments. She has little ability with numbers but wanders the planes securing trade deals with her charm. Her ghost father is disappointed

They run the city of course. Perhaps they run the world. If you mess with their business interests - like, say, rob a magic shop - they will bring their sizable resources against you, and it will be difficult to hide. Run.