Monday, March 13, 2023

d100 dark souls

 I recently returned to Lordran and have some thoughts on applying the lessons of Dark Souls 1 to ttrpgs slowly percolating. In the meantime, a stocker:

  1. A mute and imprisoned priestess, watched by a duplicitous warrior

  2. A prison with a demon trapped in the basement

  3. A monster in a courtyard, unaware of a balcony above

  4. A hidden barterer using delivery birds

  5. A priest who plans to betray his snooty noble ward

  6. Large nest, man-sized eggs

  7. A stash of red crystals. Can be crushed to visit another world

  8. A tall epitaph, a corpse pinned to it with a greatsword

  9. A toothy serpent under the floor of a disused shrine

  10. A large creature that eats rare minerals and spits out others

  11. A merchant with a freakish appearance. Keeps a legendary sword hidden among his things

  12. Soldiers watch a narrow path from above, firebombs at the ready

  13. An old witch peddles poisons from behind bars

  14. A gang of thieves sneak around from behind as dogs provide distraction

  15. A cooperative knight. Quirky interest becomes a consuming monomania

  16. A town, its front gate hijacked by a great creature

  17. A large animal and armed herders. It wear excessive custom barding

  18. A portcullis, closed until its keeper hears the signal bell

  19. A church tower where a goth dude offers absolution

  20. Beasts guard a rooftop, wearing ornamental armor and wielding halberds

  21. A slime hidden above, drops down to engulf passing heads

  22. A rodent the size of a bus, caged

  23. A merchant, cheerful in a wretched place, sells powerful exotic weapons

  24. A misshapen, waddling beast. Its ribcage is a gaping maw

  25. On a shadowed ledge, a sneak shoots venomous missiles. Carries the antidote

  26. A brute swings a massive club coated in poison. In his pockets: actual shit

  27. An enormous filter feeder. Its body obscures a scroll with a self destructive spell of great power

  28. A rickety wooden elevator driven by a cobbled-together water wheel. Surrounded by biting insects

  29. The sister of devils sells her secrets to those she deems worthy

  30. The hollow roots of a massive tree reach deep underground

  31. An inept knight waits at a high window, surrounded. Knows a holy blast spell

  32. An ornate bridge can rotate to connect different areas

  33. Down a hidden staircase, a demon sits in a chapel

  34. Silent archers guard a precarious side entrance

  35. Imps, in service of the church, wield javelins

  36. In front of the doors of a great hall lies a chance to hunt down a traitor

  37. A skilled giant bound to his craft in service knows the secret of lightning

  38. A magic ring empowers divine spells

  39. A teleporting mage guards a hidden but empty tomb

  40. A renowned dragonslayer and his corpulent lackey issue a challenge

  41. An ambush of thorny treemen waits among the bushes

  42. A stone clad knight emanates an aura of slowness

  43. The grave of a legendary knight, locked with a mystical seal

  44. An old smith looks for a blessed flame to enable forging special weapons

  45. A living statue of rare metal wields a mancatcher

  46. A huge glowing insect perches on a ruined tower

  47. Massive felines charge and tumble into their prey

  48. A band of warriors protect their forest from otherworldly invaders

  49. Easily dispatched myconids. Their death cries call the larger ones

  50. A warrior from a distant land. Welcomes any to join as he hunts people for sport

  51. A spirit. Can only be harmed by someone who has been petrified

  52. An elevator, its mechanisms inert and underwater

  53. The remains of a city destroyed to contain a spreading evil

  54. A red-robed mage applies his knowledge to physick

  55. Behind a locked door, a crank to unseal floodgates

  56. A giant mass of tortured souls slowly oozes forward

  57. A hooded warrior, seeks to drain life force. Leader claims they are merely antiauthority

  58. A wizard craftsman, self sequestered to avoid losing his lucidity

  59. A hidden crevice connecting two disparate areas, home to winged raptors

  60. A winding pathway up to snow covered steps, surrounded by impaled bodies

  61. A wielder of acid magic, his head bandaged and bulbous

  62. A rooftop corpse. Harpies watch to swarm the curious

  63. A bloated wretch charges blindly and swings a flaming torch

  64. A thin sword dedicated to a raven goddess

  65. A warren of tunnels at the bottom of a well

  66. A phalanx that has guarded a gate for an age, the soldiers stooped and melted from waiting

  67. A rotting undead beast who pulls itself apart to give chase

  68. A fur-covered giant with a weapon made to kill the gods

  69. A beautiful woman bids leave the kind denizens in peace

  70. A hefty golem examines an orrery. Holds a key to an ancient time

  71. Zombie soldiers sprout iridescent crystals

  72. A dragon's attendant uncannily danced with a trident

  73. Multistory bookcases, stairways crisscross between

  74. A huge monster whose breath sends victims to jail

  75. A snake man alerts the area with a megaphone alarm

  76. A cage of cephalopod mutants. Evidence that they were once women

  77. A warrior emerges from the belly of a beast. She searches for her father

  78. An invisible bridge marked only with bloodstains

  79. A giant butterfly lapping at the sparkling walls

  80. A cavern of skull-eating mollusks. Can sometimes break a curse

  81. Floating heads. They moan then explode

  82. A narrow canyon. Archers hide among crypts and tombs

  83. Dead warriors continue to pursue as long as a skull shaped lantern is lit

  84. A pathway lined with statues, several have spike traps. Skeletons give chase

  85. A pit full of rolling spike monsters

  86. A masked shut-in studies, surrounded by books. Can create illusory clones, lacks hands

  87. A priest-hating thief who sells the belongings of his victims

  88. A paradigm-altering vista of cosmic proportions

  89. An undead paladin, the legendary founder of his order, attacks any trespassers

  90. Among stalagmites, a shambling noble wields a huge scythe

  91. A tortured witch. Her servants prey on others for the means to ease her suffering

  92. A bunch of parasites skitter down a corridor. One is grossly incandescent

  93. A ledge overlooks a huge hall; several of a previously encountered 'boss' monsters loiter about

  94. A deformed giant guards his sister's tomb from grave robbers

  95. A petrified monster made from multiple giant insects animates when someone nears

  96. A pathway lined with gargoyles. Some are fire-breathing demons

  97. A tentacle monster eats weapons outside an exotic style shrine

  98. A bridge back to safety guarded by a living statue

  99. A flustered warrior offering to clear the path ahead out of gratitude

  100. A tangle of writhing roots contain a straining elemental of fire