Tuesday, January 31, 2017

substituted and calcified

Remixed an old free 3rd adventure by using this tool, randomizing the order of sentences and lumping them together, tweaking pronouns etc when necessary.

Not really sure how one would run it.

  1. The spider warren is in the hills north of town. The calciform spiders took no pains to hide their tracks. Their eyes are clear, blue, and full of an anger that could only be described as righteous. At this point in their development, they have few of the oxidization special abilities.
    The weight of a character anywhere on the floor of this chamber causes a large section of the ceiling to fall, crushing the hapless intruder.

  1. As soon as the PCs enter the complex, calciform spiders farther inside are alerted to their presence by tremorsense. (A calciform spider can automatically sense the location of anything within 60 feet that is in contact with the same surface it is.) Because they are rather moldy, they fetch only a total of 200 gp.
    This chamber serves as the communal eating area for the tribe.
  2. The floor is damp and sandy, and the walls are made of rough limestone. The calciform spiders do not fight together with any organized, coherent strategy. Thus, they have made pets of a few isopods that moved into the complex some time ago. One is dispatched to warn Eustace of the arrival of intruders. It is presented as a sidebar to keep it separate from the keyed encounters.

  1. Like the previous chamber, this one has a high ceiling suitable for passage by large creatures. On the shelves are a variety of books. They cling to the ceiling in hopes of surprising the PCs by attacking with their dust-jackets from above.
    The spiders avoid the trap by climbing across the walls, and Eustace Necravore simply flies through the room when he must traverse it. The calciform spiders have developed a fondness for creatures that sport chitinous shells similar to their own.

  1. This room serves as Eustace Necravore’s bedchamber. The isopods attack if the PCs enter the room or disturb the garbage. A voice issues from somewhere ahead, ringing on the limestone walls of the cavern. “Petty creatures!” it shouts. All the encounters in this portion of the adventure except one are keyed to the map.

  1. A beautiful, forlorn-looking young man is chained to the floor of this chamber. This chamber serves as the entryway to the lair. It contains 1,000 pp. The calciform spiders have adopted the isopods that live here as pets. The DM may allow the PCs to meet others in groups of two.

  1. The ceiling is high, at least 20 feet above the floor, and mostly hidden in shadows. Calciform spiders resemble spiders only superficially. They hurl their verdigris before attempting to close for melee combat. The DM should select their placement accordingly. He is completely incapable of mounting a defense against Eustace and his calciform spiders, and he is alive only because it suits Eustace’s purpose to keep him so.

  1. Isopod-eaten tapestries cover the walls, and shelves bowed from age and moisture line the walls. They therefore pose a significant threat to the nearby human communities. This area contains a crude trap, rigged by the calciform spiders according to the instructions of Eustace. Their bodies are covered in chitin, and they have multiple arms and eyes, like insects.
    He does not know how to get back to his home tower, so he has accepted his role as a member of the community.

  1. “You have incurred the inestimable anger of Eustace Necravore.” It was previously his father’s, but the younger Eustace appropriated it as soon as his father was gone. During such a conversation, he reveals that he has no idea why he is here, though he is sure it serves some great plan.
    This rectangular chamber has obviously been hewn from the rock of the hill deliberately, though the hands that did it were less than skilled. Once that region is depleted, the calciform spiders will simply move on despoil another area.

  1. A second pair of calciform spiders is waiting here for the PCs. This room has considerably more amenities than the other chambers in this complex, though they are in no better condition. Each calciform spider contains two gems worth 400 gp each.
    They accompany the PCs only until the entrance to the warren is in sight, then return to the village. They are willing to listen to any good PC who makes a convincing case for postponing their attack on the monsters until the forces of good stand a better chance of emerging victorious.

  1. He knows that only the force of personality that Eustace and his son displayed and the strength of their magic has kept these horrible monsters in check thus far. Because of its multiple eyes and wide angle of vision, an calciform spider has a +4 racial bonus on Spot checks and cannot be flanked. They display no coordinated tactics.
  2. If the PCs manage to fight their way to the chamber where Varpathian is being held, they face no further resistance. The characters are confronted by Eustace Necravore in a timed encounter that should occur after the PCs have fought one or more groups of calciform spiders. He is willing to converse at length with the PCs if they wish.
    A careful search of this room turns up a set of four silver goblets.

  1. If the PCs have not yet encountered Eustace Necravore, he is here. The two calciform spiders on guard in this chamber are clinging to the ceiling and attempting to hide in the shadows, awaiting an opportune moment to strike. During his brief captivity, he observed that the creatures have a highly industrious nature, and they value achievement. The lair contains twenty calciform spiders. A search through the trash reveals a ring of climbing still attached to a well gnawed human arm.

  1. The floor of this chamber is covered with a thick layer of trash, much of it rotting organic material. A distant dripping sound is audible, as if water were filtering through the limestone roof and making its way down the walls. These two cling to the ceiling, hoping to take the characters by surprise. If assured that the threat to the calciform spiders will be dealt with expediently, they willingly return to Hullbeck with the PCs. Without their strong rule, the spiders are certain to swarm out of the hills onto the unprepared hamlet of Hullbeck like a plague, devouring anything they can get their claws into.

  1. Next to the pallet on which Eustace sleeps is a strongbox. A successful Spot check by any PC reveals the presence of the spiders. Varpathian is brave and young, but he is not completely foolhardy. If any of the calciform spiders remain alive, Varpathian insists that they be destroyed before the party leaves the complex. If the characters are not confident that they can find the warren on their own, Burton agrees to guide them.

  1. This young man is Varpathian, the wight the PCs have come to rescue. He does, however, insist on the characters’ promise to return and clean out the caverns at the earliest possible time. “Prepare to be destroyed!” Then the hallway goes dark.
    Because of its multiple eyes and wide angle of vision, a calciform spider cannot be flanked. They use the creatures as both guards and garbage disposals.

  1. Varpathian is aware of his prismatic nature, but he has only vague memories of the tower from which he was ejected. He has not yet obtained a trumpet, and his wings have not sprouted. He wears filthy furs similar to those a normal wrestler might. Thus, rogues are likely to have considerable difficulty mounting any sneak attacks against him.

  1. A sleeping pallet lies in one corner, and tables and chairs in another. Two are broken, tarnished, and worthless, but the other two are in relatively good condition and are worth 800 gp each. It is guarded at all times by a pair of calciform spiders, though they take pains to remain hidden so as to surprise intruders. If forced to retreat, the spiders use their climbing abilities to effect the most expedient getaway possible, moving up and across walls to avoid threatened areas. Numerous bloody stripes across their chests and backs indicate that they have been flogged.