Tuesday, February 27, 2018

white elves

“They dared to pass into the bitterest North; and finding no other way they endured at last the terror of the Helcaraxë and the cruel hills of ice. Few of the deeds of the Noldor thereafter surpassed that desperate crossing in hardihood or woe. There Elenwë the wife of Turgon was lost, and many others perished also; and it was with a lessened host that Fingolfin set foot at last upon the Outer Lands.” -The Silmarillion

“But with whom was he grieved forty years? was it not with them that had sinned, whose carcasses fell in the wilderness? And to whom sware he that they should not enter into his rest, but to them that believed not?” -Hebrews 3:17

They never finished crossing.

Under the Doom of Mandos, driven by a warmonger who had already abandoned them, the elves made their way across the sea over the Grinding Ice - but something stopped them. Whether the fear of death or the shame of leaving, they wander the wastes now. It seemed like their ejection from Eden, but perhaps this is their generation-long sojourn in the Negev - though who knows how many long centuries it has been? Their pride has soured and turned cruel.

They entomb their dead and wait and wander; they despair and they hope for some divine resurrection, since elves cannot be raised by magic this side of the sea. They hate those who can, and never again speak the name of g-d.

These guys are found among the glaciers in the Arctic, or the himalayas. You could use these for Nornrik Elves too.


Stats: As Elf

Number appearing: 2d4

  1. Sitting near a traveller dying of exposure, watching.
  2. Burning a human church or shrine, tossing in holy symbols and vestments.
  3. Marching solemnly a circuit between tombs, masked and silent. Re-casting gentle repose.
  4. Carrying a crystal ark between two, filled with human hearts.
  5. Seeking adoption for an elf-child, that they might live far from the ice.
  6. Wandering aimlessly, will not admit that they are quite lost.
Half of them are wielding 
  1. Ice daggers. Shatter with first attack; on a successful hit save vs paralysis.
  2. Ragged broadswords. On a successful hit save vs magic or cannot receive divine healing. Indefinite duration, must be lifted as a curse.
  3. Carcerating Spike. As a spear. On a crit freeze in time 1d6 hours (disappear for the duration).
  4. Starlit saber. Save vs magic on a successful hit or twinkle brightly for 1d8 rounds (as faerie fire).
  5. Dulling chime. Successful hit causes silence for one round.
  6. Ungoliant Lash. On minimum damage entangles for a round.

Their leader is 
  1. wearing flowing ice, or is it glass?
  2. riding a sled like a wheelchair, can command at will.
  3. cloaked in a tapestry, symbol of blasphemy, creates zone where divine magic cannot function.
  4. a heretical optimist, goes on and on about the warm land of plenty that awaits them.
  5. guardian of an ornate cairn (both landmark and tomb)
  6. wearing a monstrous war mask (Save vs Fear)

White elves in battle will target clerics, paladins, or anyone clearly professing their faith over all others. Atheists, however, receive only bitter contempt.