Wednesday, November 21, 2018

encounters on the river of conic dogs

The river winds through Lamarakh and is named for the statues that dot its banks - they have stood facing the water for far longer than anyone remembers, and, although they do not appear to shed light, their bright colors are nevertheless visible even on moonless nights. Following these colors allows many an illicit traveller to navigate the river in complete darkness, and the use of a quiet pole-boat is often a warning that its pilot engages in such dark business...

Despite being so well-travelled, the banks and surrounding jungle of the river are dense and mostly untamed, and one must be wary of the creatures there.


1 - 1d8 ALLERGIC BULLYWUGS. HD 1 AC 14 Atk 1d6. Any spells cast in vicinity trigger it to start gagging for one round before vomiting up a MUCUS DRAKE (HD 1 AC 12 Atk 1d3 Flies, recasts spell on death).
They are
1 staring intently through brush at the river
2 taking turns licking conic dog
3 crouching in circle and croaking loudly, surrounded by 2d10 drakes
4 fashioning new tridents and spears from rough red staves

2 - BELU. See Yoon Suin pg 38
It is
1 skinning a hapless traveler. 3 trade goods scattered around area
2 grooming self in reflection in a puddle and carefully arranging peacock feathers
3 (appears as random party member) accusing PC of being a shapechanger
4 (appears as unthreatening human) sharpening oversized knife with whetstone, clothes are bloodied

3 - GIANT VINEGARROON. See Yoon Suin pg 73
It is
1 motionless beneath fallen foliage
2 cornering small mammal in a tree
3 sipping at slimy trail of a mucus drake
4 advancing on two travellers it has already sprayed

4 - 1d20 RIVER PIRATES. 1HD, AC 12, Atk Damage 1d6
They are
1 arguing amongst themselves; several have come under the influence of a nearby Sone coven and keep trying to entice the rest to a life of sensual pleasure
2 heading back to their base in an abandoned tower with heavy packs - they have just robbed and sunk an opium smuggler vessel
3 travelling on pilgrimage to their holy island. Curse and threaten but are under oath to spill no blood until they arrive (will be cursed if driven to break oath)
4 moaning in pain and calling out for help. But it is a trap! See YELLOW MUSK CREEPER

5 - 1d3 ROTTING TREANTS. HD 7 AC 20 Atk Damage 2d8 Wrapped in rusty wire and dotted with sapphires (worth 1000gp), created by the Sone coven’s animate dead. Can be turned as a Mummy, do not have weakness to fire or other treant abilities
They are
1 wading through deep mud, dragging a fallen trunk
2 smashing a canoe, its owners fleeing into the jungle
3 exhuming worshipper bodies from the muck for their mistresses
4 jealously pawing at a cluster of durian fruit

6 - 1d6 CHU-SRIN WORSHIPPERS. HD 1d6 AC 12 Atk Damage 1d6 The leader casts as Holy Man of their HD and has TT E or F. They wear colorful but simple robes embroidered with a crocodile motif
They are
1 inflicting petty tortures on wildlife and collecting food for their master
2 tracking a wounded bullywug in order to heal it
3 searching for a nearby artefact (See pg 127) of otherworldly influence in order to dispose of it

4 dragging a skiff bearing a huge velvet worm egg back to their lair as an offering. 10% chance each watch that it hatches