Wednesday, August 18, 2021

welcome to ossic county

Alex Colville


  1. Conductor Hennifer - grumpy, whistle (warning travelers away from Shekel)

  2. Gregor Volkov - mute, carries carved walking stick, in TM Gang (playing chess with…)

  3. Hugard - tall, smug, TM Gang (singing Kate Bush songs to himself)

  4. Jess Brenkow - independent, overalls (polishing rifle parts, joining Ossic Mining as a deputy)

  5. Fassifer Pols - fop, perfumer (looking for new scents, meeting trappers)

  6. Leonore Samarkand - reserved, guilty (knitting, looking out window, fleeing from an accident)


  1. Conductor Hennifer again - grumpy, whistle (hurrying everyone off of the platform so she can leave)

  2. Rustup Whelk - wealthy, earnest (waiting with flowers for Leonore Samarkand to disembark)

  3. Jaki - pet cobra, leery (stroking pet cobra and waiting for Hugard to take her to meet Terrence Mito gang)

  4. Krader Maize - afraid, skitterish (sneaking silver nuggets, fleeing from ghosts by the old mine entrance)

  5. Secretariat Zhakah - veiled, stern (taking notes on town’s flaws on clipboard, travelling back to Ossic Mining HQ)

  6. Lefty Baird - scrawny, charming (selling this week’s Ossic County Omen for 50¢)


  1. “Skinny Step” Huber - high-strung, talented saxophonist (demanding Caruthers do something about the bees in the walls. It’s actually Renfro’s device)
    Lemuel Caruthers - bartender, calm, eyepatch (hefting beer barrel)

  2. Zedediah - goatee, quiet (debating the nature of spirits) with
    He-Who-Swims - stern, (examining Ossic County Omen)

  3. Giles Cuneiform - middle-aged, jolly (bargaining over machine parts) with
    Renfro - short, impatient (doodling a schematic on a napkin)

  4. White Spear - embroidered beads, spectacled (reading Faire Wood Withering)

  5. Ophelia Hennifer - innocent, long braid (propositioning)
    Deborah Barnes - armed, disillusioned (becoming more and more vocally annoyed)

  6. Grint Visper - shifty, unseasonably bundled (carrying $2000 in cash beneath long coat, waiting for meetup with Terrence Mito gang tomorrow)


  1. WHAT GHOSTS? Sheriff dismisses haunting claims

  2. Evan Dunderling Scandal

  3. Rev. Nathy Carn Cole warns of locusts

  4. Tracks to be built to Desacado, says Company

  5. Whiskey Short After Smash at Yves Still

  6. UNNATURAL BONES: Dry spell reveals unusual fossils in Lake Donahey

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