Monday, July 16, 2018

Toxic Gardens of the Hidden Temple

A heady cloud of opium, tobacco, perfume, and finally sulfur mixes with the mist beneath the waterfall, and you find yourself led, blindfolded and deafened from the crashing roar, out into a courtyard of a spotless but hazy temple.

There are a monks here doing flips, sparring, or sitting motionless amidst the fumes. The head monk is a scarred and one-eyed crabman laughing voicelessly and is known as Master Hatyārē. He will gladly gesture for you to join in with the training, and acolytes will hurry to help you change clothes if you accept.

Once per level you may make a generous donation (d100 x level in gold pieces) and spend a number of days meditating in the Toxic Gardens equal to your level or HD. At the end of that time, Save vs Poison (or Con or whatever you use) as the exposure has its final effect. If you pass, roll on the table below as new insight is unlocked, but lose 1hp/level as your body deals with the toxins. This health loss is permanent.

If you fail your save, you gain d10xp/level from your lesser reflections and instead roll an opium effect & check for addiction.

Using these abilities requires you to yell the name (convoluted series of hand signs optional). These abilities can collectively be used up to your level times/day unless otherwise noted.

  1. Meteor Strike: Make an attack on a target below; if you hit, deal an additional 1d6 damage for every 10 feet you fell. If you miss, you take 1d6 damage for every 20 feet you fell. Can be used as often as you dare.
  2. Stuttering Palm: On a successful hit, have the target phase out of time for 1d6 rounds. Time acts normally on them once they return (so if the floor under them has been greased in the meantime they have to deal with that, etc).
  3. Stop Hitting Yourself: Make an unarmed attack, and the next time that enemy would hit you they must Save vs Paralysis. If they fail they get ju jitsu’d and damage themselves instead.
  4. Threat of Peace, Promise of War: Lock eyes with a creature to learn their alignment. Hold for a round to learn their HD, then one more to learn one (if any) magic or special ability they possess. Distractions (loud noises, attacks, etc) will probably break their attention.
  5. Servant of Breath: Manipulate an object at a distance using the wind. Basically just mage hand for a single action, but the range is earshot.
  6. Chan Style: Make an attack with some nearby improvised weapon. If you hit, you humiliate the target in some way - pull down pants, smack their rump, tie shoelaces etc. All of their allies (but not them) check morale as they see you make a fool of their companion.
  7. Be Swift as a Coursing River: Run across water (or another liquid which would otherwise would not support your weight) up to your normal movement. If you stop though you fall in.
  8. With All the Force of a Great Typhoon: Make a charge attack. If you hit, they get knocked back equal to the distance you travelled. Hitting a wall deals fall damage.
  9. With All the Strength of a Raging Fire: Make an attack at +1 to hit. Your weapon or fist is wreathed in flames and deals 1 extra damage. Victim must Save or be caught on fire.
  10. Inner Steel, Outer Stone: Deal a strike that splits rock. You can break a statue, crack a hole in the wall, or deal an extra d6 to earth, stone, or similar creatures.

Hatyārē, Master of Autumn - Half-blind but strong as an ox. Does not speak beyond claw motions but knows where everything is here. Will put on a show of refusing any challenges for his title but relishes the chance to wrestle. (Crabman lvl10)

Satha Phnadra - a follower of the Gold Lotus from the southeast. Here looking for armed guards to accompany him safely back to worn-torn Sajavedra; no-one has yet offered. (Lotus Mnk lvl3)

King of All Orcs - a foreigner in a bird mask who speaks in a low, hooting voice. He is well versed in and can teach the art of the spear but does not carry one of his own. Will offer help to worthy causes ...that pay decently. (Fighter lvl6)

Lobsang - timid tender of the cherry trees in the foothills above; moves slowly and speaks with a youthful voice but under his many silk layers the flesh is wrinkled and tough. Will “gift” enchanted fruit to donors for 1d6 x 100 gold pieces each: Calm Mind, Halt Aging, Shield Psyche, Avoid Interest. These all last 10 minutes/100 gold spent on them. (Mummified Monk)