Tuesday, August 2, 2016

other druids

So druids. They are basically paladins of philosophy under a certain understanding. The natural world is a certain way, therefore there is an appropriate way to live and ideals to strive for. I've been thinking about what other worldviews druids might hold, and how they might go about presenting them: 

WHITE: The Perfect Circle

from DeviantArt

Nature is simple, in its purest form. Time and corruption has complicated it. Purging the world of its mutants and mechanisms will return it to the ideal.

Part Luddite, part medium, part math savant

Usually on a purging mission. Focused on their purpose.

Allies: earth elementals, ghosts, angelic architects on early creation, snakes, crystals, modrons

Abilities: alkali touch, posterize, disenchant, abstractify form, devolve

Appearance: simple, even low-poly garb, symmetry, geometric mandalas, eager to debate principles

Names: the higher the rank, the fewer sides. Twelve-Sided Chua, Keme the Heptagonic

BLUE: The Empty Circle
also from DeviantArt

The truth is that this world is an illusion. Only through the power of intellect will one be in harmony with it.

Part Zen monk, part Loki, part Neo, part 4chan

Speaks in riddles and lies. This is supposed to lead the worthy to a deeper understanding.

Allies: pixies, magpies, foglings, tanuki, Enitharmon

Abilities: Naruto-style clones, wuxia jumps, alter appearance, disguise animal, maze

Appearance: obscured faces or masks, affected accents, nondescript looks beneath garish disguises, minimalists

Names: Usually a number of chosen aliases. Unknown Joshua, Riddlefist, and Master Nameless are likely one individual