Saturday, June 29, 2019

within cells interlinked

Mothership is really cool and you can pay what you want for the pdf. It's had me thinking about hard-ish scifi games and since you can play an android here's some blade runner 2049:

So using this in a game:

You're an android and the company you work for views you as property, probably. They don't want you getting any ideas about liberation or personhood, and so something they closely monitor is your emotion subroutines.

To do this they assign you a baseline (you, the player, should choose this if you want). This is like a stanza of poetry, a verse of a song, or even an excerpt from a speech or something like that. If you want to do the full-on experience (because why else would I be writing this) you get to memorize it and the Warden gets to come up with a half dozen questions pertaining to maybe a half dozen significant words in the piece - probably mostly the nouns but some other stuff too.

So now any time you return from a mission where you rolled on the Panic table they pull you into this little interrogation room and aggressively test your emotional response to your baseline. You recite your baseline and then can do the whole questioning thing if you want. Whether you do or not, then make a Stress check - your cool responses are what assures your unseen proctor you are adhering to baseline.

Success means you relieve half your Stress (Critical Success relieves all of it!) and you receive a bonus of 1d10 x level Credits.

FAILURE means you immediately roll for a Panic effect and hopefully have some friends on the outside who can talk you out of a pickle

CRITICAL FAILURE is same as above but you are also promptly slated for termination. Other players might come up with something to save you but it's doubtful it'll work more than once.

Monday, June 17, 2019

adventures from the blogs

from deviantart

Some free adventures that I'll try and update periodically:

The One Page Dungeons are allllll free baby

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The Witch's List from Graverobber's Guide

Cave Quarry of the Chalk Dwellers from Valley of the Blue Snails (map missing but you can surely whip one up)

Stone Sky River Place from False Machine

Swamp of Monsters has a number of keyed locations, if not technically "adventures"

DUNGEON MIXs from Basic Red RPG

Dungeon Dozen has some free pdf adventures down the left side

Adventure PDFs (and a bunch of rules and stuff) from Goblin Punch