Thursday, November 7, 2019

containers in yoon suin

d12 ways the treasure (or hostage) is trapped

1. Snake coiled around, end visible
2. Ice block, object visibly within
3. Heap of sleeping wolves, part visible
4. Concealing swarm of koi fish/starlings, glimpses briefly visible
5. Giant crab or beetle gripping in pincers
6. Chunk of amber, distorted but visible
7. Gripped in teeth of alligator/hippo
8. Electrified bird cage
9. Mostly buried/set in concrete
10. Beneath water of soporific spring
11. Held by squirming tentacles/ ever growing vines, d6/6 covered at any point in time
12. Boiling in churning cauldron, visible 1/6 of time as other ingredients bubble to surface

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