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d6 witch spawn of alexander mcqueen

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They are all beautiful and dangerous, in their own way. The fight in the way of siblings (pettily, one-upping each other) and aristocrats (through other people) but are powerful in their own right if perturbed.


1 Camomile Peg

Walks slowly, tentatively. Is unsure you should be here. Seems sure she should be.

Collects bonsai trees and diamonds.

Loves to be chased, both physically and intellectually. Acts coy and removed in conversation with brief bursts of honesty and revelation.

Fears standing in open spaces; always needs to be under a roof or have one hand on the wall.

Hurt by piercing projectiles (spears, arrows) and old ones are still stuck in her back. Pulling them out and shooting other people will heal.

Gore attack, knows Flesh into Salt
2 Nebulous Ann

Stalks on water surface, high stepping, very deliberately like a crane. Saw it on a documentary once.

Collects orchids and fine crystal vessels.

Loves to catch underwater prey by walking over them and stabbing a sharp foot through the surface. Bathes in algae water to regenerate.

Fears the presence of fire - extra extra vulnerable to it. Flees an open flame.

Hurt by fire obv. Dousing in boiling water also affects her Oz style.

Frond tentacles attack from her hat; knows Bones into Axolotls
3 Cinnamon Roz

Always fake jogs, like someone pretending to hurry across the street in front of your car. Thinks this makes her more likeable.

Collects ashes of decadent things and paintings of sunsets.

Loves to be fed strips of raw meat, especially by her pet bloodparrots.

Fears touching hair; recoils and feels sick.

Hurt by moonlight and sleep; magic sleep stuns her and saps health. She drinks espresso regularly.

Attacks with peacock-head scorpion tail hidden under dress; knows Whiskeyblood
4 Scurrilous Jules

Moves in long leaps and horizontal lines, like in a wuxia film.

Collects geisha fans and flutes made of bone.

Loves to hear woodwind music. Sways and leans in time. Whistles along but it comes from behind you.

Fears and loves being trapped. Seeks it out but then goes into a rage. The pursuit is the thing. Will fall madly in love with anyone who can imprison her but also puts them on her hit list.

Hurt by crushing weights. Flattened like Wile E. Coyote if a big rock is dropped on her.

Attacks with sharpened dress-fan blade; knows Become Squirrels

5 Susurrus Mab

Stands still, only shifting feet to achieve a more glamorous stance. Has moved when you look away or blink.

Collects beetles and Persian drow rugs.

Loves to eat sweet things - candy, nectar, honey. Also the smell of verdigris.

Fears cats of all kinds. They hiss at her and spit; lions and tigers will roar. Covering in cat piss will keep her away for a day if she's coming for you.

Hurt by secret truths whispered in her ear. Shrieks in pain.

Bee swarm attack; knows Skin into Petals
6 Pendulous Jem

Sways with a deliberate motion as she walks. Center of gravity seems to migrate around body over time, changing gait.

Collects wedding rings and unusual riding mounts (hippo, ostrich, etc).

Loves high places and deep pits - anything with dramatic verticality. Peers up/down from the thing for hours at a time.

Fears seeing straight lines and squares. At a rough box she will merely get snippy; a truly straight line will silence and cow her.

Hurt by sticky and entangling things. Webs, roots, glue. She clears and cleans her floors regularly, manically, wearing oversize latex gloves.

Body slams and wrestler moves; knows Gravity's Rainbow

What are you doing here, fashionwitch?

Is actually a different sister (roll) in disguise. Trying to commit misdeeds to defame her.
Looking for ingredients for a beauty potion. Another sister (roll) has been getting a little too much attention recently.
Looking for spot for a new lair to spy on sister (roll). Eager to size up and/or defeat competition in area.
Has been convinced the inhabitants (and she assumes you are one) are in league with sister (roll).
To steal an item from the collection of dear sister (roll). She loves them all so dearly!
Has heard that this area has a <1 Mirror. 2 Lake. 3 Glass. 4 Hole to the Void.> in which to admire myself. Must get it before sister (roll).

Favor with one sister earns disfavor with the others - and vice versa. Royally pissing one off is a quick way to make five powerful NPCs amicable to you.

The McQueen Witches assume everyone they meet is looking for an aristocrat to tell them what to do, so will quickly give you a task. They may or may not just as quickly forget, possibly giving you another

And what would you have me do, your Pettiness?

Has heard that sister (roll) is dating. Find a hotter new beau to incite jealousy.
Discover what sister (roll) loves most dearly so I may spoil it for her.
Speak well of my beauty in
<1 Atlantis. 2 Mummified Market. 3 Drow Capital. 4 Parliament of Rooks. 5 Unseelie Court. 6 Vampire Country Club.>
where, I am told, they adore sister (roll) more than me.
Has grown bored with her purpose here. Complete it for her.
Kill or destroy each of sister’s (roll) suitors. She is getting a big head and it is quite insufferable.
Retrieve sister’s (roll) dress. I know father really meant it for me.

Life Hack: instant weird NPC portraits from googling any designer that Lady Gaga likes

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