Monday, June 13, 2016

Class: Fashionwitch

You are the offspring of a fairy and their changeling couturier. A half-breed aristocrat.
Saves & attack progression as thief

You know one spell you can cast once per day/long rest. Roll a d6 and a d8:
1. Flesh into Clay
2. Flesh into Salt
3. Flesh into Amber
4. Flesh into Snow
5. Flesh into Tallow
6. Flesh into Ruby
7. Flesh into Glass
8. Flesh into Frogs
1. Bones into Wood
2. Bones into Ice
3. Bones into Lead
4. Bones into Bread
5. Bones into Eels
6. Bones into Magnets
7. Bones into Clockwork
8. Bones into Bells
1. Skin into Leaves
2. Skin into Paper
3. Skin into Verdigris
4. Skin into Moss
5. Skin into Chrome
6. Skin into Leather
7. Skin into Scales
8. Skin into Beetles
1. Blood into Maggots
2. Blood into Vinegar
3. Blood into Crude Oil
4. Blood into Wine
5. Blood into Espresso
6. Blood into Perfume
7. Blood into Honey
8. Blood into Steam
1. Become Rodents
2. Become Rain
3. Become Moths
4. Become Parrots
5. Become Shadow
6. Become Song
7. Become Chalk
8. Become Marshfire
1. Command Candles
2. Command Needles
3. Command Songbirds
4. Command Breeze
5. Command Flowers
6. Command Moonlight
7. Command Hair
8. Command Shoes

Talk to your GM about the effects. Any saves or damage are modified by CHA, duration is CHA bonus + lvl rounds unless reason suggests otherwise. Each time you level you may roll for another spell

Your clothing is like armor to you. Costs triple the relevant type (leather chain etc) but weighs nothing. Also gives its bonus to rolls regarding the will (persuasion, saves against fear, etc).  However, wading through sewage, bleeding, walking through fire or otherwise dirtying it have a1 chance in 12 to ruin them, then it no longer gives any bonus. This chance increases by one each time it is rolled, but a long rest resets it to one. Ruined clothing must be replaced.

Start play with leather equivalent (+2 in most systems)

Look at the list of weapons. Like the ones you start with  or can buy in shops. You aren't proficient in any of those. You can reliably slap somebody for like, d3 damage, but otherwise no no.
You can attack with your clothing. It animates and deals damage with a die closest in size to double its bonus, plus you compel it to do more so add your CHA bonus. (So a +2 dress deals d4 damage on a hit, plus CHA bonus). Usually this is in the form of some kind of animal part or weapon shape worked into the design. In fact you should probably be pretty detailed in describing your clothing and make sure you have a picture. Draw one (or google a crazy designer) each time you get a new outfit.

I came up with fashionwitchs a while back when thinking about Jonathan Strange and wondering what half-elf in such a world would look like in play. That coalesced with a handy picture of Alexander McQueen dresses into the last post. Since then I've assumed that the only elves are fae and the only half-elves are witches, but recently realized they actually needed some rules. This class combines my love-hate for maxing out equipment stats and a sorta tumblr "constantly redraw characters with new outfits" mentality.

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